1. We are *NOT* over-subscribing or over-selling this service.  Hostable is owned by Brinkster, and we have been in this business for 12 years.  Our intention is to provide you with high quality service and support so that you will want to renew and stay with us!
2. Your account will renew for 3 months (not 3 years) at the rate of $6.99 per month – you can login to your account and verify this.  We will be offering discounts and incentives that will save you additional money.  We made this change to help you understand that we are not trying to force you to pay us $250 USD when your account renews in three years.
3. We removed the miscellaneous fees and the $35 Early Termination Fee from sections 5.05 and 5.09 of the Terms of Service.  You will not be charged these fees.
4. Hostable is 100% Wind Powered and you can add a cool green badge to your website for free.



Please understand - you are still getting 3 YEARS of free hosting!  The only change we made was that you will now renew for 3 months instead of 3 years!
ONLY the renewal changed.  We did not change the initial 3 year free time period.
Many of you did not like that the account would renew for another 3 years after your first 3 years for free.  So we changed that to 3 months.  Now the renewal is $20.97 USD instead of $250 USD.