Linode 9周年庆典 赠送$250000服务

之前一个朋友购买Linode VPS,我正好帮助其配置系统顺带接触了这款传说非常牛的VPS。我相信只要是接触VPS的站长,都希望有一款Linode VPS,即便是512M内存的基础方案。这家主要还是走的高端路线,对于我们站长来说,价格也算是比较高的,最低512M方案的需要19.95美元/月,一般的网站不需要,也用不起。而且,这家服务还没有任何优惠码。

去年是Linode 8周年纪念,我没有关注到,那时候我对主机还是比较陌生的。我翻看了一下历史,去年是给所有新注册用户,老用户硬盘增加25%。然而今年是9周年纪念日。推出了更为力度的优惠,发放250000美金的服务。具体是这样的:




To celebrate our 9th birthday we are giving away $250,000 in Linode services! The Giveaway starts this Tuesday, June 19th at 12:00PM EDT (4:00PM GMT) and both new and existing customers are eligible.
For new customers: Be one of the first people to sign up after 12:00PM EDT this Tuesday. If you make the cut, a $100 credit will immediately be placed onto your account to use as you see fit.
For existing customers: Add any new service (Linode or NodeBalancer) after 12:00PM EDT this Tuesday. If you make the cut, you’ll get August, September, and October for that service free of charge. This applies to any size Linode.
* Your account will initially be charged to the end of July.
* Credit is non-transferable and non-refundable.
* Limit one giveaway bonus per customer.