Woo Special – 5G硬盘 不限站点 独立IP 免费域名 年付20美元

Woo Special,2009年成立的一家英国注册公司主机商。主要提供美国、英国、俄罗斯机房数据中心的共享主机,VP及服务器产品。在WHT看到Woo Special有在促销活动。之前麦子也没有介绍过这款主机,看到基础方案5G硬盘主机年付20美元,还送独立IP,和一个免费域名,还是有必要介绍一下的。





为了丰富我们对Woo Special主机的了解,麦子还是搜索国外的用户对于这款主机的评论丰富我的阅读信息。


It appears that Wooservers.com is a reseller for Burstnet.  Normally I would not make it a point that someone is a reseller, unless I thought there were a hosting reseller on a shared hosting account or abusing a system that they are using.   But this is different, this is simply one of the worst companies that I have ever dealt with.  Back in the early part of the last decade they were my third attempt at finding a viable cPanel provider.  Viable is not a word that is fitting for BurstNET.  The first time I was with them it was like pulling teeth to get support.  After three months I had canceled the two servers I had with them after it took them 7 days to restore a server.  I am also not sure if they had caller id or what but most of my calls met with an answering machine, some times it was full.  Despite my objections my business partner decided to try them for a second time 2 years later.  That lasted 2 weeks, as the server we got with them had 2 consecutive defective hard drives.   My business partner got to find out first hand what I had to go through to get someone on the phone and agreed with me that this company needed to be on a permanent ban list.

网上有介绍Woo Special主机商可能是BurstNET的经销商Reseller产品,售后服务也不能及时等问题,具体的我就不翻译了,大家稍微看过去。


I've been with WooServers for the past 2 months and have an overall good experience with them.Their support is very friendly and polite and the response time is generally less than an hour. Although I had a few tickets queuing for longer, these were regarding OS reinstall and they said this was because they were checking everything before performing the reinstall.
Their prices are excellent. I have wasted an awful lot of time trying to find something cheaper but I couldn't really. Sales support was also nice. I could ask all my pre-sales questions via Skype before actually making an order, which was quite helpful.
Servers are fast and network uptime was around 99.9%. The only thing I was not happy about is the server setup time. It took almost three days to install my dedicated server, although my configurations were not much different from the default package they offered.So, in general, I will recommend them for everyone looking for a cheap server with great support.